About Raven & Rose

Raven & Rose Vape is New Zealand’s premier Vape manufacturer and distributor. We started Raven & Rose back in 2017, out of a need for creating great locally made, high quality vape products. Flavour, taste and experience is our background and is at the forefront of what we offer our customers through these Vape products. We look to create that authentic and unique vape experience for our customers for years to come.

Some of Raven & Rose Vapes unique benefits:

  • Product of New Zealand,  formulated, blended, and packed in New Zealand.
  • We only use the finest quality ingredients
  • Made to AUS and NZ food and safety standards.
  • Our propylene glycol is USP and EP certified and the GE free vegetable Glycerine is ANZFSA and USP certified.
  • Other ingredients are sourced from manufacturers in USA , EU , Australia or made here to USFDA, USP, EC , EP , ANZFSA  and Raven & Rose standard.
  • Raven & Rose oils are packed in light proof, pilfer proof PET bottles with childproof caps

We can also make limited edition Vape oils so if you have your own idea for a flavour, we can make you a limited edition / personalised range.