Frequently Asked Questions

To follow are some of the frequently asked questions we get from our customers. Over time we will keep adding to this, our social media channels and also our Youtube channel to help our customers get the most up to date advice and support. 

Are these products R18?
Yes, vape oils are an R18 product. Keep away from children at all times. Be responsible when using Vape kits and equipment.

I’m a bit clumsy when filling my vape kit?
Please take care when filling your vape kit. Always wash hands with soap and water after refilling your vape. If spilt, wipe up with a disposable cloth and wash surfaces with soap and water (wear gloves if possible).

What are the other general things I should know?
Keep oils in a secure place, away from children. Do not vape indoors, near children or pregnant women.

If I or someone should accidentally drink the Vape liquid, what should I do?
There is no antidote. If ingested phone 111 and the National Poisons Centre  0800 714 766 stating the amount and strength of the oil. Do not induce vomiting.

Big Cloud or Big Flavour? What do I choose?
If you are after a big cloud effect when vaping choose Vapour liquids that are categorised as 70VG | 30PG. If you are after big flavour choose 30VG | 70PG. The big cloud products have a higher Vegetable Glycerine level which provides a larger amount of vapour. If you choose Big Flavour the product has a higher proportion of propylene glycol which gives better mouth feel and flavour.

Can Vaping help me quit smoking?
A lot of people say it can. If you are trying to give up smoking there is both a cost saving and also a health benefit that could be seen. An e-cigarette is a safer alternative to smoking.

How much will I save?
A container of vape liquid will cost around $15 for 30ml which could last two weeks. E Cigarettes are an alternative. Each tip is equal to a 20 pack of cigarettes and costs $5. A standard packet of 20 cigarettes can be around $25.

Reducing Smoking
You vape only as needed and aren’t forced to finish a ‘smoke’ like cigarettes so you inhale less and only when you want to.

Does the Vape Cloud Contain Nicotine?
Yes it does so always vape outdoors, away from others.

Is glycerine and propylene glycol poisonous?
No it isn’t. Both are common ingredients in confectionary, foodstuffs and medicines. Because the vape only creates vapour at much lower temperatures than burning tobacco (ie.250°C versus 800°C) no combusted and possibly carcinogenic organics are produced.

Battery Life
The vape machines are powered by a battery and recharged via the USD card. The batteries life is finite and capable of many rechargers.

Spare Parts
Spare tanks and coils are carried in stock for each model.

Can I use these vape machines for other materials?
Vape machines are designed to use vape oil only. Other organic or synthetic oils may be compatible but the warranty is void if these are used. Never use any flammable liquid.