Why Vape?

There are a lot of reasons that people are choosing to Vape over smoking traditional cigarettes. Here are some of the main reasons.

It helps you give up smoking traditional cigarettes

A lot of people say it can. If you are trying to give up smoking there is both a cost saving and also a health benefit that could be seen. An e-cigarette is a safer alternative to smoking and it can benefit your wallet.

Financial savings

Vaping will help you quit – think of the financial savings to be had. Someone smoking a pack a day spends about $177 a week, which is over $9,200 each year. Whereas vape liquid is just $15 for 30ml (which should last approximately 3 weeks). e.g. $15 x 52 weeks / every 3 week purchases = $259 each year. Thats huge. With Vaping you can have a few puffs and then put it down. Compare this to a cigarette that is hard to put out half way through there is a lot less waste as you only vape when you trigger it.

No harmful chemicals

E-cigarettes and vaping have the added bonus of having no harmful chemicals associated with them. There are no carcinogenic chemicals in vaping products. Traditional cigarettes contain more than 5,000 chemicals including hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and acetone, and have over 44 carcinogenic chemicals. They also raise your chance of heart attack and cancer, prematurely age your skin, interferes with your fitness levels and clogs up your arteries. Using vaping products diminishes these side effects, they have no unpleasant odour and most importantly are vastly healthier than smoking.